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வாழ்க தமிழ், வளர்க தமிழ்

INKSTRING is a brand from Inkstring Clothing & Accessories LLP
We are a clothing company based in Tamil Nadu, India
We started our business in mid-2017




Customer Satisfaction is priority Good quality products at affordable cost  Give back to the community



What is Inkstring?

INKSTRING is a brand from Inkstring Clothing & Accessories LLP. We are a clothing company based in Tamil Nadu, India. We started our business in mid-2017.

We have in-house capabilities for design, technology, inventory and marketing. All our products are stocked in our warehouse. We perform a thorough inspection of the product before we pack and ship them. This ensures that our customers receive a good quality product.

Our business model is stitched in a way where our customers will also be profitable when they do business with us. It's all about creating positive vibes, we pass this vibe to our customers in the form of products and we hope this will become a chain reaction. 

Why Inkstring?

Creative Design You can relate our designs to the products, places and events you see in your day to day life Customer Satisfaction Customer satisfaction is our first priority 24Hr Dispatch We dispatch all our orders within 24hours of your successful order placement. No Middlemen We sell our products directly to our customers. This cuts the cost of middlemen involved in our product


To become one of the renowned International brand for clothing and accessories across the world.


• To provide creative and innovative designs to our customers.

• Provide trendy outfits at reasonable prices

• Evaluating customers satisfaction all the time through reviews.

• Perfection and elegant is our motto.